My name is Jade and I am the owner of justjadesjewels. A little background on me – I’m currently a 19 year old pre-nursing student who started creating clip on stud earrings in my bedroom because I noticed how rare it was to find affordable, chic, and comfortable earrings for myself. I experimented with outsourcing suppliers and creating resin charms in my garage. I started in January 2020 and decided to take things more seriously by opening my etsy shop when the pandemic hit. I aim to create items that are quality, affordable, and stylish. All of this grew into a passion project that makes me so happy to work on when I wake up in the morning every day.

Starting My Shop

As someone who had no interest in business whatsoever in the past, this was all new territory for me. I had to learn how to create earrings that were different from my competitors, learn how to market on social media, and be the best customer service representative I could be. It was all very overwhelming to say the least. One thing I do regret is not doing enough research before launching myself completely into the realm of selling a product without being prepared. For example, if only I knew to look for a referral code to get my first few listings free, I would have saved even more money! However, you will never feel prepared when you are starting a business because it is risky and there is a lot of room to fail so launching headfirst is always something I’m proud that I did.

Growing My Shop

A lot of it is about the mindset. I had no intention of investing $500+ on something that I was not going to reap some sort of benefits of. Though if I did miserably fail, it would have been a good learning experience either way. The pressure of making back the money was more than enough to push me to move forward. When I first started, I actually tried to build my business solely on Instagram. It was a good approach because I was able to get my first customer on there when I had barely 10 followers and was a sort of safety net from spending loads of money. I have also learned one big reason people come to your store is because of you. They like to see the person behind the scenes working on their orders and packaging. They enjoy seeing your life and who you are all around. It isn’t just about getting something that is of value to them (although that is very important), but it is also about building that connection with people and creating a community.

Eventually, I wanted to take things more professionally and found that selling on Etsy was incredibly simple and easy to navigate. They basically build your own website for you and you just have to include a logo, listings, and other things. If you look hard enough, there are mentors and tons of free resources out there to help you figure out the best way to market yourself to buyers.

My Progress So Far!

As 2020 comes to an end, I have made around 120+ sales on my small jewelry store and I have to say I am quite proud of how far I have come. Never would I have thought this would be a side hustle that I enjoy so much. Maybe you would find joy in it too.