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20 Clever Driftwood Craft Ideas

Updated on May 4th, 2024
driftwood candle craft

If you are looking to enjoy an inexpensive DIY project this year, consider trying out these driftwood craft ideas!

Driftwood decor can fit in almost any home, regardless of whether you are trying to create a contemporary or rustic feel.

The next time you find some driftwood on your beach vacation, take it home with you to have a go at one of these driftwood craft ideas.

1. Driftwood Candle Holder

Driftwood provides the perfect base for your candles, and we love this long driftwood candle holder project. You’ll need a large piece of driftwood to create this candle holder, but it will become a centerpiece in your dining room or living room.

You’ll carve out small holes for your tealights, and you can add as few or as many spaces as you like. As driftwood is such a unique material, this driftwood candle holder will be a fun decoration to add to any space in your home.

2. Driftwood Necklace Holder

This driftwood necklace holder doubles up as a modern piece of artwork for your walls and is also a practical solution for storing your jewelry collection. You could even opt to use this in your home’s entryway to store your keys instead.

You won’t need much to get started on this project, and the hardest part of its creation is drilling in the small hooks for your jewelry to hang from.

3. No Wiring DIY Driftwood Lamp

If you’ve found yourself with a whole collection of driftwood from your last beach trip, have a go at this slightly more challenging driftwood craft idea. You won’t need to use any wiring to secure all the driftwood and instead will use a nail gun to fasten the pieces into place.

This driftwood lamp would look great in any room in your home. If you have a beach-themed guest bedroom, we think this would be the perfect finishing touch for that space.

4. A Driftwood Garland

For anyone looking to add a welcoming touch to their front door or back garden, you’ll love this driftwood garland. You’ll need a fair few pieces of driftwood to get started, but each time you see your new driftwood decor addition, you’ll be reminded of your summer trip to the beach.

5. Driftwood Towel Rack for Your Bathroom

A bathroom is one of the best rooms in the house to add beachy and rustic touches to. This is one of our favorite driftwood craft ideas, and it’s a practical solution for anyone needing somewhere to hang additional towels.

You’ll simply need to attach a few hooks to your driftwood to create this towel rack. To ensure your new driftwood decor item can be added to your wall with ease, sand down the back of the wood to create a smooth surface.

6. Driftwood Letter Art

Add some personalization to your home with this DIY driftwood letter art project. It would be a fun addition to your children’s bedrooms, and you can make as few or as many letters as you desire.

Driftwood is extremely easy to paint, so choose your child’s favorite colors to add a personal touch to this project. A few different colors can be combined together to create a modern addition for any room in your home.

7. A Driftwood Blanket Ladder

If you are looking to try something more ambitious, this is one of the more challenging driftwood craft ideas on our list today. This DIY blanket ladder uses driftwood to hang your blankets or towels.

You’ll need pieces of driftwood of varying shapes and sizes to finish this project. Once it’s completed, you’ll find this driftwood decor item is a practical solution for your bedroom that you’ll enjoy using throughout the year.

8. Simple DIY Driftwood Candle Holder

This is another variation of a driftwood candle holder that is designed to fit around a glass candle container. You’ll need to gather between ten and twenty pieces of thin driftwood to fit around the edge. Try to find linear pieces of driftwood to avoid having an awkwardly shaped candle holder once they are all attached together.

9. Hand Lettered Driftwood Sign

If you are lucky enough to find a huge piece of flat driftwood, you can create this hand-lettered sign. It would be a lovely gift for your kid’s bedroom and will create a welcoming impression for any room in your home. You could even add this to your garden to bring a touch of the beach back home with you after your summer vacation.

10. DIY Driftwood Christmas Tree

For anyone who wishes they were at the beach all year round, you’ll love this driftwood decor addition for Christmas. The size and shape of your tree will be dependent on the amount of driftwood you manage to collect. This tree measures about two feet tall, but you might be lucky enough to have enough wood to create a full-sized tree.

11. A Fun Piece of Wall Art

Odd shapes and sizes of driftwood can be used to make a fun piece of driftwood décor, such as this pineapple wall art. Of course, you might not want to hang a pineapple in your home, but you could create an animal, flower, or anything else that takes your fancy this year. Just follow the method and create a unique design of your own for a creative driftwood craft idea.

12. Dining Room Place Settings

When you next have your family over for dinner, spruce up your dining table with these DIY driftwood place settings. They make mini sailboats that you can personalize with the name of each guest you are inviting to dinner. This project would be perfect for an end-of-summer celebration with your friends and family this year.

13. Driftwood Picture Frame

One of our favorite driftwood craft ideas is to make a picture frame with your strips of driftwood. This is the ideal way to preserve your summer memories, and you can add your favorite beach vacation photos inside. We love the addition of shells to this frame, which keeps with the beachy theme.

14. Driftwood Wind Chime for Your Garden

Wind chimes make such a relaxing addition to any garden, and you’ll love this DIY wind chime project. You’ll just need one sturdy piece of driftwood, from which you can then hang any color of clay shapes and beads.

15. Christmas Driftwood and Sea Glass Artwork

If you are looking for fun driftwood craft ideas that kids can get involved in, we recommend this festive craft. You’ll combine driftwood and sea glass to make a Christmas tree. Of course, if you are feeling creative, you could really make any shape or design to fit your home decor or the current season.

16. A Driftwood Orb

Driftwood is used in this DIY orb to create a piece of modern art for your home. You’ll need a fair amount of wood to construct this project, but it will be a fun addition to your study, living room, or dining room. Friends and family members are sure to remark on this unique piece of artwork whenever they visit your home in the future.

17. Driftwood Starfish

Remember your beach vacation for months to come with these DIY driftwood starfish. We think this is one of the prettiest driftwood craft ideas, and it’s a great way to use up smaller pieces of driftwood. You’ll hot glue the sticks together and then bind them with twine to make sure they are fully secured.

18. A Personalized Leather and Driftwood Sign

If you are looking for something that’s a little more subtle than the driftwood sign we showed you earlier, this is a great option. Leather is added onto a large piece of driftwood, and of course, this project could be made to a much smaller scale. This would be a lovely welcoming addition to any home, as you can add any personalized message to fit your family and house.

19. Create a Driftwood Jewelry Pendant

Most of our projects today have involved reasonably large pieces of driftwood. If you just have a few smaller odds and ends, consider turning them into a pendant. You can paint and customize the driftwood to your style, and it’s a fun project to get the kids involved in this summer. This will be a cheap and easy souvenir to remind you of your time at the beach.

20. DIY Succulent Plant Holder with Driftwood

For anyone who loves plants but is short of space in their home, you’ll love this DIY succulent plant holder. It offers you a unique solution to grow succulents, and you won’t even need any soil to get started. Simply carve space for your plants in the driftwood, and then you’ll have a good alternative to a plant pot.

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