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14 Fun Horseshoe Craft Ideas & More

Updated on May 4th, 2024
horseshoes hanging

Horseshoes make the perfect base for a whole host of craft projects. As they are so sturdy, you can easily build on top of them to create unique decorations and wall hangings for your home.

None of these top horseshoe craft ideas for 2021 will cost you much to make, and kids will love getting involved in the fun. You’ll find horseshoe craft ideas and wall hangings are a fun way to liven up your home without spending a fortune on artwork.

If you are looking for a unique craft project to complete this week, try out one of these horseshoe craft ideas for kids and adults.

Horseshoe Craft Ideas:

  1. Horseshoe Wine Rack
  2. Horseshoe Wreath
  3. Horseshoe Letters
  4. Horseshoe Flowers
  5. Horseshoe Key Holder
  6. Horseshoe Pumpkin
  7. Horseshoe Shoe Rack
  8. Rustic Horseshoe Candle Holder
  9. Horseshoe Cost Hanger
  10. Horseshoe Jewelry Holder
  11. Horseshoe Toilet Tissue Holder
  12. Painted Horseshoes
  13. Yard-Wrapped Lucky Horseshoe
  14. Horseshoe Fairy Door

1. Horseshoe Wine Rack

Wow any dinner guests with this horseshoe wine rack, which will make a fantastic centerpiece for your dinner table. It’s designed to fit two glasses and two bottles of wine, so it is the perfect addition to any date night or family gathering.

As horseshoes are so sturdy, you won’t have to worry about your glasses or bottles getting damaged. Once constructed, you can finish off the horseshoes with any color of spray paint you fancy, and you’ll then add a rust protective clear coat for protection.

2. Horseshoe Wreath

Multiple horseshoes are used in this project to create a fun addition to your front door. The horseshoes are arranged to look almost like a flower, and you can barely tell what was used to create this wreath once it’s completed.

To finish, string burlap around the horseshoes in any color and design you like. You can easily switch over the color each season to keep up with the changing colors around you.

3. Horseshoe Letters

For anyone who has a whole collection of horseshoes, you’ll love creating these horseshoe letters. Kids and teens will enjoy adding these to their bedroom, and they’ll add a fun personal touch to their space.

It does require welding to create each letter, but with a little practice, you’ll soon get the hang of it!

4. Horseshoe Flowers

If you are looking for horseshoe craft ideas for kids, they’ll love helping out with these horseshoe flowers. They’ll brighten up any garden, and when coated with a rust protective clear coat, you’ll have no issue leaving them outside all year round.

While you may need to make the flowers, kids will love helping to paint the flowers in their favorite colors.

5. Horseshoe Key Holder

Are you always losing your keys around your house? If so, you’ll want to add this simple horseshoe key holder to your home’s entryway. It’s a quick and easy project to complete this weekend and is one of our top horseshoe craft ideas for anyone looking to create a new wall decoration.

Add as many or as few hooks as you need for your keys so that every member of your family knows exactly where to put them in the future.

6. Horseshoe Pumpkin

Create a horseshoe pumpkin to wow trick-or-treaters this year who visit your home. You’ll need multiple horseshoes for this project, which are then welded together to create your pumpkin.

To form the top of the pumpkin, you’ll just add half a horseshoe, and then you can paint the project in the familiar orange and green colors to finish.

7. Horseshoe Shoe Rack

Horseshoes are the perfect size for holding your boots and shoes, so you’ll love adding this DIY horseshoe boot rack to your home entryway. If you are sick and tired of shoes being scattered around your home, you’ll find kids are far more likely to tidy away their shoes with this funky shoe holder.

This project requires a good amount of horseshoes and a little more effort than some of our other top horseshoe craft ideas for 2021, but you’ll find it’s well worth it for the results!

8. Rustic Horseshoe Candle Holder

Using candles can sometimes be a little messy or dangerous in your home, so you’ll love having this rustic country candle holder to keep them lifted off your kitchen countertop.

The two horseshoes provide a sturdy base, so once it’s made, you’ll be able to place a few candles onto the wood without any concerns about it toppling over.

9. Horseshoe Coat Hanger

With a little bit of creativity, you can attach a whole host of horseshoes to create this hat and coat hanger for the entryway to your home.

As well as being a practical addition to any home, it’s also a funky horseshoe craft ideas wall hanging.

10. Horseshoe Jewelry Holder

Young girls will love this horseshoe jewelry holder project, which would make a great addition to any bedroom.

You’ll no longer have to worry about jewelry getting lost or damaged, thanks to this fun horseshoe craft idea for kids.

11. Horseshoe Toilet Tissue Holder

Take inspiration from this bathroom toilet tissue holder and create your own at home. It will add a rustic touch to any bathroom while providing a handy storage unit for your toilet tissue.

Once created, you can paint your horseshoe any color you like to match the current décor and style of your bathroom.

12. Painted Horseshoes

Horseshoe craft ideas for kids don’t get simpler than this one, where you’ll enjoy painting horseshoes to create colorful decorations for your home.

Spray paint makes this project even easier, and kids and teens will love adding these colorful decorations to their bedroom.

13. Yarn-Wrapped Lucky Horseshoe

Yarn makes such a pretty addition to a horseshoe, creating a horseshoe wall hanging for your home. Choose any color and thickness of yarn you like to create an inexpensive piece of art to brighten up any space.

No welding or equipment is required for this project, making it one of the easiest craft ideas on our list today.

14. Horseshoe Fairy Door

You’ll love how cute this DIY horseshoe fairy door is, and kids and teens will love decorating the doorway with you.

You can add this to a tree in your garden or indoors in your bedroom, and it will make you smile every time you walk past it.

Where to Buy Horseshoes for Crafts

horseshoes handing on wood

Where to Buy New Horseshoes:

  1. Carver’s Solde Iron Store
  2. Farrier Supply Shop

Plus, there is a flat rate shipping fee of only $10!

Where to Buy Used Horseshoes:

1. eBay

We are seeing a large variety of old horseshoe lots being sold of total quantity: 40 – 50 at an average cost around $45.00. That’s about $1.00 per horseshoe. Pretty good deal if you are making multiple crafts, or need a few for a single craft. There is anything from new, slightly used, to full-on rusted.

This provides a clear advantage, because you can pinpoint the exact look and style you are looking to incorporate into your design. There is a wide variety of material to select from. We’ve seen; Cast iron, Steel, Aluminum.

Are they authentic?

Yes, some sellers are even offering field-used horseshoes. We’ve seen some from real ranches in Montana. Think about how neat your craft would be with authentic horseshoes from a ranch in Montana. This now brings a new element of storytelling into your piece.

2. Etsy

Where to Buy Replica Horseshoes:

1. Walmart

Surprisingly Walmart outdid themselves here by offering a horseshoe kit made specifically just for crafts.

Now, although these won’t be considered authentic, it’s a very affordable option and most people won’t realize the difference. It looks like this option is even available on Amazon (see below).

1. Amazon

Offer’s three options… Looks like the first option is the same offered at Walmart:

  1. 20 pc Cast Iron Horseshoes for Decorating and Crafts 3 1/2″ T x 3″ W

  2. Small Cast Iron Horseshoes – Crafts Home Decor – Small – Pack of 10

  3. Cast Iron Mini Horseshoes 50 pc Set Decoration and Crafts 2″ x 1 3/4″ w/Token


Where to Buy Horseshoes Locally:

  1. Antique store
  2. Flea market
  3. Visit a ranch or farm

If you live in a more rural part of the United States, you might want to think about visiting a local ranch, or farm.

  1. Speak to a farrier

A farrier is the individual responsible for replacing horseshoes for horses. They most likely will be knowledgeable as to what local farms or ranches will have old-used horseshoes. Now, some ranchers keep their old horseshoes, but it’s always worth asking.

Have you been able to find old horseshoes by other methods? Please share your thoughts with us by placing a comment below. We are always on the lookout for new ideas!

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