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How do I leave a review on Etsy?

Updated on May 4th, 2024
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Etsy is a fantastic website that allows sellers to directly sell their original products to consumers. Reviews are an essential part of growing as a seller on Etsy and good and honest reviews means a lot to sellers! It keeps Etsy spinning as an e-commerce website.

Leaving a review on Etsy is easy to do once you learn how.

Follow these steps to leave a review on Etsy:

  1. Log in to your account at
  2. Click on “your account”
  3. Find the “purchases and reviews hyperlink
  4. Locate the item you want to leave a review for
  5. Rate and comment on the product

After you have found the product you want to review, you need to click on how many stars you believe the item and customer was worth on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. 5 stars represents the top score and 1 star represents the worst score. Once you have chosen a score you need leave a comment of at least 5 words and upload a picture of the item.

You should leave a review that describes your experience with the seller and how happy or unhappy you are with the product. The more detailed the review is then the more helpful it is to the buyer and other sellers considering buying the item.

After you are happy with your review, all you need to do is click ‘post review’, and you are done! Once your review has been posted, it will appear publicly with your display name showing.

If you are using any Apple/IOS product and leaving a review you can leave various star ratings based on Item Quality, Delivery, and Seller Customer Service.

You can only review items that you have bought through the account. So if you have used guest checkout then you will need to  claim the order to your new or existing Etsy account before leaving a review.

Other things to bear in mind are – you can only review within a 100-day review window which starts from the order’s estimated delivery date or once you have downloaded the files if it is a digital product. Also, within this 100-day review window you can edit your review in terms of star rating, photograph, and the comment that you have made.

Reviews keep Etsy alive! Without them sellers would be confused on how to alter their services if it is needed or what practices to carry on and buyers would be confused on whether or not to buy a product. Reviews are often the deciding factor on whether a buyer will purchase the products so all reviews are important and necessary! We hope this guide has helped you.

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