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How to Use Etsy Stats: Views vs Visits

Updated on May 30th, 2024
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These simple statistics can be used to help evaluate the health of your business.

Why Views and Visits are Important

Instead of questioning whether your shop is doing well take a dive into your views and visits to help you gain a clearer picture. These statistics can help you to grow, pivot, and help your business. That is why it is very important for any Etsy seller, new or seasoned to have a solid understanding of what views and visits are and how to use them.

What is the Difference Between Etsy Views vs. Visits?

Views simply show traffic (which could include bots or duplicate visits) while visits are how many actual real customers visit.

Views = number of times your listings were looked at.

Visits = how many individual users looked at your listings.

How Do Etsy Stats Work? Other Important Etsy Statistics

Apart from views and visits, there are many other statistics to check out that could be much more important.


This is the total number of orders. Do not confuse this with how many items are sold. For example, an order could include 4 items, but this Etsy stat would only display 1 since those items are within 1 order.

Conversion Rate

This is the percentage that tells the owner of a shop how many people out of their visits are buying. This is arguably one of the most important statistics. This can help you see if your listings are effect or if there is something wrong. The higher the conversion rate, the better.

Also read: What is a Good Conversion Rate on Etsy?

Etsy Search

This is how many views you’ve received from people searching for you on Etsy. This excludes any traffic you have received from ads or from mobile users.

Etsy App and Other Pages

As the name states, this is the traffic you’ve only received from the app and other avenues such as pages. This excludes traffic that came from the search bar.

Etsy Ads

This is how much traffic you’ve received from ads. This does not include app, Esty ads, or offsite ads traffic. This total can help you see how much Etsy is promoting your store and listings.

Offsite Ads

Any traffic that comes from ads outside of Etsy. This could be from Google or Facebook ads if you have these set up.

Social Media

Any traffic that comes from social media accounts.


Any visits from ads that are in the Esty search or on Google.

Direct and Other Traffic

This is traffic from those that either typed your exact shop or item URL into their browser, bookmarked your page, or clicked a direct link. You can increase this by doing your own promotion and including a direct link to your Etsy shop in any online promotion.

Common Questions About Etsy Stats

etsy faq common questions about etsy stats

How Often Are Etsy Stats Updated?

Etsy states that the statistics update a few times a day which is around 2-4 times a day. They will not update on a set time frame so do not expect updates every few hours. There could be bigger stretches between updates. Also, it is recommended that you only review your data the day after. In the current day, Etsy is still configuring and collecting more data so the numbers can be inaccurate. After a day, the true totals will be provided.

What Does Revenue on Etsy Stats Include?

Revenue is the total number of sales minus any discounts and shipping costs. Keep in mind that this total does not account for any fees or canceled orders.

According to Etsy, Revenue = Sales – Discounts.

Revenue can be important because it can show a base total for how much money you are making. However, Total Sales may be a more useful tool in seeing the big picture and full financials.

What is the Difference Between Revenue and Total Sales?

Total sales are the total amount collected from sales including shipping, sales tax, and any fees. Revenue does not include these and is only the sale price. If you’re having issues understanding your revenue or total sales or there seems to be a discrepancy, Etsy suggests that you use their cvs downloads. According to Etsy, here are steps on how to download these reports:

1 – In, choose “Shop Manager.”
2 – Then click “Settings”
3 – Choose “Options”
4 – Click “Download Data”
5 – Select Orders as the CSV type.
6 – Select your desired month and/or year. To download an entire year, leave the month blank.
7 – Click Download CSV to save the file to your computer.
8 – Open the Orders CSV file in a compatible program, such as Microsoft Excel, Google Spreadsheets, QuickBooks, etc.
9 – Using tools in your program, calculate:
9a – The total item costs found in Order Value column.
9b – The total item discounts applied to the order found in Discounts Amount column.
10 – Calculate the Order Value minus the Discounts Amount total. This is your Stats Revenue

My Etsy Shop Stats Are Not Working or Updating?

Since the statistics update a few times a day, this can mean long stretches where you do not see an update. This could be due to the different time zones between you and Etsy.

If you’re still not seeing any updates and it has been a few days, reach out to Etsy support here and they can help to resolve the issue.

How Many Etsy Views Before My First Sale?

This can vary greatly. Sometimes it can only take a few hundred views and just a few weeks before gaining the first sale. Other times, it can take thousands of views and a years’ time.  It can be nerve-wracking waiting for that first sale. However, take this time instead to evaluate if your shop is providing a quality item, your photos and product info are appropriate, and you’ve done your research on how to run a business. Be sure that you’re also providing quality customer service if any questions come in. If all your i’s are dotted and your t’s are crossed, you will receive an order in no time. Just be patient and trust yourself!

Are Views or Visits More Important on Etsy?

Visits are more important. This is because views could be anything and everything that clicks on your shop. Views could include bots and repeat visits.  Visits give a much more accurate number of how many customers are really visiting.

If you know the true number of how many customers are visiting each day, you can then see how many visits it takes to result in a sale for your shop. Or, if you are only having visits but no sales, you can then troubleshoot and see if there is an issue with your shop that is driving customers away.

Are Etsy Statistics Accurate?

If you notice your statistics changing over the course of the day, this is normal.  It can take Etsy some time to configure correct numbers and calculate the accurate visits from views. It is recommended that you wait at least a day for all statistics to be configured correctly. This way, you can have the best data to go from. If you’re needing more in-depth info about visits and views to your store, you can link your Etsy shop to Google Analytics. Here is a helpful guide by Etsy.

How to Get More Views and Visits on Etsy

grow your etsy shop more views and visits

Views and visits can be pretty important on Etsy as the more people who see your listing, the higher chance you have of making a sale. Etsy uses a complex algorithm to advertise its listings. You will need to know some basics about how the algorithm works to get the most out of it. There are a few different things that could impact your views and visits on Etsy.

1. The Basics

Sometimes, low views and visits can be due to something like your photos, descriptions, or overall shop having an issue. This issue could be poor quality photos, too short item descriptions, or something about your brand that is turning away customers. Also, the more listings you have in your shop, the better. More listings = more chances that someone will discover your shop and check out any other listings you may have.

2. SEO

It is known that the Etsy algorithm relies on SEO to drive traffic to your store. SEO stands for search engine optimization. An example of this is if you’re selling earrings but never use the word earrings in your listing, there would be an extremely small chance that anyone would view your store. This is because if someone is searching for “earrings” your store will not or has a very small chance of showing up.

3.  History

This can be an overlooked aspect that could have a decent hand in determining whether you have increased or decreased views and visits.

One aspect of this is whether or not you’ve had customers in the past. If you’ve had some customers, your shop will show up on their homepage, they’ll be more likely to click, and you’ll be more likely to see a visit.

Another aspect is if you have sold items recently in your shop.  This is a compounding aspect of the algorithm, if you’ve recently sold things, it is more likely to promote your shop and you’re more likely to sell even more items.

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