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What is a Good Conversion Rate on Etsy?

Updated on May 30th, 2024
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If you’re interested in selling on Etsy, or are already selling, you will want to know what a good conversion rate on Etsy is.

First, we’ll need to define what a “good” conversion rate means. For this, I’ve decided to label a “good” conversion rate as one that is equal to or greater than the industry standard.

Based on the industry standard, a good conversion rate on Etsy is 3% or higher.

However, a “good” conversion rate might vary depending on what type of shop you own, what price point you are selling at, and your general category. Different types of sellers can have good conversion rates that fall between 1-5%.

Additionally, in the beginning, you shouldn’t worry too much if your conversion rate isn’t high. It can take time to build traffic. With increased circulation, your conversion rates should naturally increase. You’ll also need time to continually improve your store, which will help your conversion rate.

Keep in mind that you’ll need more than a couple of days worth of data to get an accurate idea of your conversion rate. Having at least 30 days of data will help you determine the health of your shop.

If you’re confused or would like to know more about this topic, keep reading to find out more about conversion rates on Etsy and tips for increasing your store’s rate!

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What is a Conversion Rate?

Although you see this terminology used a lot for online shops, it is important to understand what a conversion rate is, and how it is calculated.

A conversion rate is a percentage of successful sales that you’ve made compared to the number of visitors you’ve had on your page.

Etsy’s conversion rate formula is (number of orders / number of visits) * 100. At the end of this value, add a %.

For example, if 800 people visited your store and 30 placed orders. Your conversion rate would be 3.75%.

How can I increase my Etsy conversion rate?

Now that you know what a good conversion rate on Etsy is, you’re probably asking yourself, “how can I increase my Etsy conversion rate?” Here are some tips for improving your product’s appeal to increase your conversion rates:

1. Take more (and better) photos

Listing photos are the first thing your customers see. Therefore, having high-quality photos of your product will help you increase your conversion rate.

Each Etsy product can have up to 10 photos. Higher numbers of photos do not necessarily mean you will rank higher in Etsy searches. However, using all ten slots could increase your conversion rate with buyers.

Your photos are not just pretty pictures for potential buyers to look at and admire. These photos give a lot of information about your product. Your photos should show a potential buyer how to use your product and showcase any variations in color, pattern, or size.

2. Improve your listing descriptions

The next place your potential buyer will look when deciding whether or not to buy your product is the listing description.

Your description is what converts views to sales and subsequently increases your conversion rate.

Descriptions should be concise, engaging, and informative.

The most important information should be at the top of the description. Your descriptions do not affect Etsy search rankings, but having keyword-rich descriptions could help you rank on search engines such as Google.

Buyers should be able to find information about your product’s size, dimensions, colors, and ordering directions in your description. The product description should also share a compelling story about your brand or product.

Having a persuasive listing description should deepen the interest of the buyer and convert them into a sale.

3. Reduce shipping and handling time

The time it takes you to process and deliver an order can affect your conversion rate.

Etsy is wildly popular for finding gifts or items for special events. If an item ships too slowly, and the buyer isn’t able to get their gift on time, they will probably go with another vendor who can ship more quickly.

The faster you process items, the more likely it is that someone will buy your product. If you keep this in mind, you will attract more buyers and keep your conversion rates high.

You can even throw in expedited shipping options to draw in even more buyers.

4. Decrease shipping price

Another critical factor for buyers choosing your product is the cost of shipping.

Buyers do not like to be surprised by sky-high shipping fees when they check out. If your item does have a high shipping cost, you can add some of that cost to the product’s price to manage expectations.

Shipping costs can also affect your ranking in Etsy searches.

Items with free shipping have priority in Etsy’s rankings. Shops with free shipping in the U.S. have priority search placement in the U.S., where most of the site’s base is. These items also have priority in any advertising Etsy does in the U.S.

Paying attention to shipping costs can significantly impact your conversion rates.

The Bottom Line

Overall, successful conversion rates can vary depending on many factors. This includes the type of product you are selling, cost of the item, and category.

Paying attention to your listing’s presentation can significantly increase your conversion rates.

Having well-thought-out listing photos, descriptions, processing times, and shipping fees can convert a lead into a sale. Also, consider reading our article about optimizing Etsy listings.

By crafting your listing intentionally, you can have good conversion rates on Etsy.

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