How to Get Etsy Sales | Etsy Hacks

How to Get Etsy Sales | Etsy Hacks

The best part about 2021 is that it’s another year to grow your business and build an even bigger following. I don’t really believe in creating New Year’s resolutions because, why can’t you start new habits at any time throughout the year? These tips on how to get more Etsy sales are something that it’s never too late to implement within your business and it’s always a good time to start.

1. Find your people

This one is at the top of the list for good reason. Your entrepreneurial journey will be impossible if you try to do it alone. You’ve gotta find the people who support you online and offline. My “people” include my partner, a few other ladies I met at craft fairs, and a bunch of people I met online. My internet friends serve as a vast network of support and knowledge (and a great sense of humor). I found these online-besties on Etsy, Fiverr, and Reddit.

Sometimes running a business feels like what life was like before our phones started giving us turn-by-turn directions. You have a map in the glove compartment and you take turns with whimsy, knowing that somehow you will always make it to your destination. Don’t be scared to reach out to people when you need help. If you haven’t already found your support safety-net, right now is the time to do so.

2. Level up your marketing game

This year is about reconnecting with life and loved ones. Leveling up your marketing game isn’t necessarily about gaining new followers, it’s about giving your current audience more value. I don’t know how to say this any more clearly, but the people who are already there, are ALREADY THERE. Putting focus into your existing content and platforms is an easy way to connect with your audience further.

If you are in the stages where it’s time to grow, you can work on creating content that brings people in. This could be starting a blog or jumping onto a new platform. There’s no denying it, the kids are on the TikToks this year. I’m not the person to come to when you have questions about this specific platform, but I can tell you that right now is the right time to hop on the train. The DIY branch of this app will leave you completely mesmerized and sometimes wondering if it’s more of a DI-WHY. You can start a channel creating videos of your items or the process behind your products.

3. Rebrand if you need to

This brings us to our next part. It’s always a great time to revive your branding into something more modern. (This tip is for the people who have been on the site for a while and need a refresh.)

Branding is more than just the tangible aspects, it is your business’s soul. Hiring a professional is great when you can’t quite get what’s going on in your head, onto paper. These creative visionaries help get to the heart of your story and values.

By sharing parts of your business that are authentically you, you can connect with your audience at a deeper level. (Hence the last tip.) This vulnerability works its magic by allowing yourself to experience an even greater understanding of what you are trying to accomplish. It is at the core of who you are.

4. Raise your prices

The easiest tip of the day. Shipping label prices rise every year, so make sure you are accommodating this. (Sometimes the price of your supplies rises too!)

5. Get ready for taxes

My favorite pastime is paying taxes, prepping for taxes, collecting taxes… I guess I could go on but you get the point. I pay taxes multiple times a year, which is something that could vary per your location. This year my goal is to be even more organized. I’ve gotten into some bad habits where I throw everything into one scary bin and then hand it over to my tax guy. He knows I mean him no harm right?

6. Get your videos going

The new thing on the Etsy site is 15-second videos with no sound. I hope that later this year, they will add audio because a silent movie is only so fun.

If you’re not even sure where to start, here are some different ideas.

  • An instructional video
  • Showcase your product, front to back.
  • A funny ad

When you need an affordable, well-made video, you can spring for some stock footage. (Which is all over the internet, just do a quick Google search.) Otherwise, find a freelancer (like someone on Fiverr) who can edit a stock video to match your branding. I went this route and now all my listings have a funny ad of a cat typing on a computer keyboard. It was worth the money.

7. Clean up your SEO

Nobody knows the exact science behind Etsy’s algorithms. But, connecting with a site like Marmalead and Erank will help you with this. Start with any titles that are lacking multiple keywords. It’s best to get all this cleaned up done before the holiday season.

8. Be prepared for the off-season

What are you planning to do when your sales slump? My peak holidays are Mother’s Day and Christmas time. After a few years, I’ve learned that to survive, I have to work around this and accommodate my sales drop while I’m “off-season”. I suggest adding new listings, running a sale, and refreshing your shop. This could mean new photos, refreshed titles, etc.

The second part of my off-season adventures is signing up for local markets. This could be something like a craft fair, art show, and farmer’s market. I draw my extra revenue during this time from my local audience.

9. Move out of your comfort zone

Playing it safe can be a good thing unless it is holding you back. Usually, the best things in life are a little out of your comfort zone but are so very worth reaching for. When I’m stuck in a loop of playing it safe, it’s because I have a mental block. I limit myself from growing larger because I’m scared of making mistakes, not sure how to proceed, or scared sh*tless of falling flat on my face.

My advice to overcome this is to fall back on your “people” during this time for support. It also never hurts to work through these insecurities with a licensed professional (which is not me).

[Bonus Tip] Find the magic everywhere.

Especially in the everyday moments. When your packaging is beautiful, a good review comes through, or when you hear that familiar cha-ching on your phone, enjoy these moments. Remember the inspiration that keep you going. Stay hydrated. Keep believing in yourself. Enjoy this year and see you soon!

The Crafts & Dollars writing team is a hand-selected group of Etsy professionals and experts who go by Brittany, Amelia, and Olivia. All of the information and research provided has been from first hand experience. Our goal is to enable successful Etsy sellers who are seeking to improve their own business.

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