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The Best DIY Ottoman Ideas on a Budget

Updated on May 4th, 2024
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There’s just nothing better than being able to sit back, relax, and kick-up your heels on a soft and cushiony ottoman. But when you’ve created or upcycled that ottoman yourself, the satisfaction is two-fold.

Are you looking to build your own DIY ottoman? Or perhaps you already have an old ottoman at home that’s looking to be transformed? Luckily, we’ve rounded up the best DIY ottoman ideas that you can complete on a budget, including everything from a stunning DIY ottoman coffee table, to a quick and colorful ottoman slipcover DIY you can complete in just a few hours!

  1. DIY Ottoman with Storage
  2. DIY Faux Leather Ottoman
  3. DIY Ottoman Coffee Table
  4. Ottoman Slipcover DIY with Pom Poms
  5. Colorful and Trendy Ottoman
  6. DIY Rope Ottoman Using a Milk Crate
  7. Salvaged Spool Plaid Ottoman
  8. $30 Ottoman Using an IKEA Rug
  9. Upcycled Utility Bucket Ottoman
  10. Patterned Ottoman Slipcover DIY
  11. DIY Rope Ottoman Using a Tire
  12. Scrap Denim Ottoman
  13. DIY Pom Pom Ottoman
  14. Cozy Faux Fur Ottoman

DIY Ottoman with Storage

If you want to create an ottoman entirely from scratch, you’re in luck. Do It Yourself Divas have created a cool and comfortable ottoman using a cushion from their old couch as the starting point. Simply add some nice fabric, wood for the base, staples, and wooden feet, and you’ve got yourself a DIY ottoman that costs around $60. The best part? This ottoman also doubles as a storage box, so you can keep your TV remotes, magazines, board games, or anything else neat and out-of-sight!

DIY Faux Leather Ottoman

If you want to add some sparkle into your living room, then this gold faux leather ottoman from Lovely Indeed is sure to be a hit. To make your own, you just need some pieces of thick foam, stacked on top of each other. Then, sew your metallic pleather into a cube shape, add a zipper, and fill it with the foam. Simple! You can also use any type of fabric that you like for this do-it-yourself project, or if you want to refresh the style of your ottoman in years to come, just sew another ottoman slipcover!

DIY Ottoman Coffee Table

If you have an old coffee table gathering dust at home or have conveniently found one at the local thrift store, then we’ve got good news for you: you can quickly and easily turn it into the ottoman coffee table of your dreams! Newlywed McGees started by painting the legs of their table, then added some wood, foam, and fabric. With some additional touches like tufting and decorative nail heads, you would think this ottoman was purchased at a high-end boutique!

Ottoman Slipcover DIY with Pom Poms

One of the greatest things about ottomans (apart from their comfort, of course) is the fact that they can be transformed with a quick and inexpensive makeover any time you see fit. In My Own Style, for example, has added an on-trend white pom pom trim to hers. We love how the pom poms add a touch of fun and quirkiness! She has multiple ottoman slipcovers that she has created over the years to switch up their look seasonally. With some fabric of your choice and basic sewing materials, you too can achieve this look.

Colorful and Trendy Ottoman

If you want your ottoman to not just be comfortable, but also act as a centerpiece for the room, then these colorful and trendy ottomans by Better Homes & Gardens are for you. All you’ll need are entry-level upholstery skills, minimal tools, and no sewing. How good does that sound? These ottomans are also a great project for any graphic embroidered textiles you’ve collected or had handed down over the years. Rather than storing them away in a cupboard, turn them into a brilliant focal piece for your living space.

DIY Rope Ottoman Using a Milk Crate

If you’re looking for the ultimate in upcycled ottomans, this is it! Dwelling in Happiness managed to turn an old, plastic milk crate into a modern sisal rope storage ottoman. All it took was a few hours of her time, sisal rope, a glue gun and glue sticks, plywood, fabric, cushion foam, and of course, a milk crate. The fabric-covered cushion and plywood simply lifts up, revealing plenty of storage underneath. We love a multifunctional DIY ottoman, but when it comes to the ease of creation and low cost of this project, we’re blown away!

Salvaged Spool Plaid Ottoman

Empty electrical spools are routinely discarded and easy to get your hands on. They’re also perfect for transforming into gorgeous DIY ottomans, just as Design Sponge has done here. Using some common materials from a hardware store and tools you’re likely to already have at home, you too can whip-up a wonderful ottoman within a weekend. We love the stylish black and white plaid fabric that was used, but this project is also versatile enough to feature any type of fabric or adornments. There is no limit to your creativity!

$30 Ottoman Using an IKEA Rug

If you’re looking for a DIY ottoman on a tight budget, let us introduce this brilliant IKEA hack to you. Using 3 x $3 IKEA floor mats and some bean bag filler, Retropolitan was able to make a superb ottoman inspired by those on the West Elm website. What’s more, this DIY ottoman cost just $30 to create from scratch – an absolute bargain in anyone’s eyes!

Upcycled Utility Bucket Ottoman

Now, here’s something we all have at home: a utility bucket. But have you ever looked at it and imagined it could become a stylish home decor item? Design Sponge certainly did, which prompted her to create this upholstered ottoman. Armed with a sewing machine and stapler, this project is quick, easy, and actually enjoyable to make! Trust us, you’ll never look at your utility bucket in the same way again.

Patterned Ottoman Slipcover DIY

How about an ottoman slipcover DIY project that takes less than an hour? Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss recovered her zebra print ottoman using a gorgeous indigo blue patterned fabric. Creating the slipcover was easy – simply line up the fabric, pin it, and sew. It’s the perfect way to update your ottoman as your decor style changes throughout the years, or even to keep up with your seasonal decorating. Fast, simple, and budget-friendly; that’s our kind of DIY!

DIY Rope Ottoman Using a Tire

Did you know you can even create an ottoman masterpiece using an old tire? This is upcycling at its best, as you’re turning a piece of landfill into a stunning and functional item for your home. Nikki from That Was a What?! will inspire you to create a DIY tire ottoman for yourself, complete with an intricate rope pattern, if you’re brave! These are so simple to make, you might just find yourself creating them for friends and family too.

Scrap Denim Ottoman

Here’s a great way to repurpose your old denim jeans, jackets, skirts, and more – turning the fabric into a patchwork denim ottoman, just as Michele Made Me has done. The stuffing for this pouf was recreated from some old cushions which were no longer in use too, so it’s the ultimate upcycling project everyone can make. You can use the same shade of denim across your entire pouf or mix-and-match it with different hues like this stylish one.

DIY Pom Pom Ottoman

If you’ve already got an ottoman at home that you’re looking to up the fun-factor of, then this pom pom ottoman DIY from Paper & Stitch has got you covered. It’s all about adding texture and color in the form of pom poms, which are so easy to make yourself. Simply use a pom pom maker, which you can purchase online from Amazon or eBay. Alternatively, a piece of strong cardboard will do the trick! Once you’ve created a range of pom poms in your desired colors and sizes, just attach them onto your ottoman. Too easy!

Cozy Faux Fur Ottoman

It just wouldn’t be a round-up of the best DIY ottoman projects without featuring one made with faux fur. After all, it’s the perfect item to warm-up your living room during those colder months, whilst keeping you cozy and comfortable. This ottoman from The DIY Plan uses a reindeer inspired faux fur but you can buy just about any furry fabric you desire at your local craft store. Plus, it has been made entirely from scratch, so there’s no need to have an existing ottoman to be able to complete this crafty project!

There you have it! If you want to add a unique item to your living space that also gives you the option of storage, extra seating, or room to rest your feet, then these homemade ottomans and poufs are perfect. They’re so simple to build from scratch or repurpose using an existing ottoman, plus they’re versatile enough to tweak until your heart is content.

Which DIY ottoman is your favorite? Will you be attempting any of these projects? We’d love to hear from you in the Comments section below!

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