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Best Alternatives to Selling on Etsy

Updated on May 4th, 2024
alternatives to selling on etsy

There could be many reasons why you would consider alternatives to selling on Etsy. Perhaps you are not making sales, your Etsy shop was closed down, or you are simply looking to expand onto other platforms.

Regardless of the reason, there are several Etsy alternatives that you can consider to sell your products.

etsy alternatives infographic

1. Amazon Handmade

Amazon Handmade launched in October 2015 to give a better selling platform for crafters and artisans.

Personally, my experience with the platform has been negative and I do not really recommend it.

To begin, getting yourself approved to start selling takes a considerable amount of time and effort. Amazon will want various forms of paperwork to make sure the item you’re selling is actually handmade.

Once you get approval, setting up your listing is a difficult and frustrating process. It’s surprising that this platform can be such a mess at times.

You will be required to sign up for Amazon’s Professional selling plan when registering for Amazon Handmade, but Amazon waives this fee for those who make Handmade goods. This is confusing because they make you sign up for a paid plan that they will ultimately waive the fee for… So why be forced to sign up for the plan at all?

Of course, Amazon Handmade will still charge a fee for allowing you to sell on the platform. Currently, this fee is 15% on all sales.

2. eBay

eBay is great, especially when you’re starting out because there are fewer fees to deal with right away. Creating listings is very easy and eBay usually allows you to list a certain amount of items for free.

eBay also has fantastic seller and customer support, which will save you a lot of time in the long run. With eBay’s customer service, it is easy to connect with a real person on the phone when you need help (as long as it is within their business hours).

3. Instagram

Using Instagram is an interesting alternative method to selling on Etsy.

Obviously, since Instagram is focused on posting photos, you can increase your sales by using fantastic visuals. For products that rely heavily on having an attractive and appealing visual appearance, this is a huge advantage.

You can use the description of your Instagram posts to talk about the product information, as well as listing the costs. In the description, you can also tell interested individuals to DM you to place an order.

Instagram is also great for sales promotions and flash sales. You can use the “story” functionality to quickly connect with your followers for a limited amount of time.

4. In-Person Selling

outdoors craft show
By MoodyGroove at en.wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

At Events

You can sell your crafts and handmade products at festivals, farmer’s markets, fairs, etc. These are easy to find by doing a quick Google search for events in your area. You can also use this website to find events to sell your products at:

Signing up for these events will have an upfront cost. There will be application fees (you could potentially get denied, too) and booth costs. These booth fees can range from $50 to thousands for large events. You will usually have to provide your own tent, chairs, table, etc. Some events may even require you to get your own insurance.

Although it’s not for everyone, selling at events could be great a great Etsy alternative for selling your crafts.

In a Gallery

If your items are of very high quality and style, art galleries could be a great selling alternative to Etsy. Galleries typically keep a percentage of the sale, so keep that in mind.

Depending on the gallery and the popularity of your work, you might hit it rich or sell nothing! Do your research and scope out which locations have a lot of foot traffic or are hosting showcasing events.

In a Store

If you live in a popular area, there are small businesses that will sell your goods in their stores. You will either need to sell your items upfront at a wholesale price or they will take a percentage of each sale. Taking this initial jump into the shelves can feel scary but in the end, it’s so worth it.

Should I Still Sell on Etsy?

Even though you’re looking for an Etsy alternative to sell your products, you should actually consider staying on Etsy (if you are able to, of course). There is a lot of opportunity on Etsy which could do great things for your business, so if you have the opportunity and time to stay on their platform, you probably should.

Personally, I think it is best to be on as many selling platforms as you can reasonably manage.

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